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Download the PDF to print your own stickers at home, totally free.

2. By Mail

If you'd like us to send a sticker made with love from the finest vinyl to your door, please complete the sticker request form below. Since we're a self-funded community startup, we'd like to ask for a small donation to help cover some of our costs. Your support will allow us to develop new CurbTXT features and raise awareness in your community. And your snazzy sticker will also let your neighbors know you're one of the earliest supporters of this community-based service.

Why use CurbTXT?

A lot of things can go wrong when parking your car in the city. We think instant, direct, and anonymous communication can alleviate a lot of the parking issues people have with their vehicles and the vehicles of others. Before CurbTXT, no one could reach you if your left your car’s lights on or you were accidentally blocking their driveway, unless they knew you and your car. Now with CurbTXT, neighbors are helping each other make parking in the city a little easier.

I registered my license plate. Now what?

Awesome! First: save the CurbTXT number (415.529.5775) in your phone so you can access it and recognize it easily. Second: affix the CurbTXT sticker next to your rear license plate so your neighbors know to alert you if there’s an issue with your ride. Need a sticker? Go here to get one.

How do I send a CurbTXT to someone else?

Text their license plate--starting with the state abbreviation--of the vehicle you want to alert to the universal CurbTXT phone number (415.529.5775), followed by your message. For example: “CA3214567 you’re blocking my driveway - pls move” and then SEND.

Do I have to register to send CurbTXTs or install something on my smartphone?

Nope! Anyone with a cell phone (capable of sending text messages) can send a CurbTXT to a registered neighbor. See the previous question for details on how to send a CurbTXT.

Where can I get a CurbTXT sticker for my vehicle?

There are two ways to get your hands on a sticker: you can print your own at home for free or, if you make a small donation, we’ll mail you one. Go here for more details.

So I don’t need to own a car or motorcycle to use CurbTXT?

That’s correct! Regardless of whether or not you’re a vehicle owner you can still send alerts. Anyone with a mobile phone capable of sending text messages can help our community avoid frustrating parking situations which result in nasty notes, expensive parking tickets, or towing. Like the adage goes, “If you see something, say something.”

What happens if I send an alert to a license plate that isn’t registered with CurbTXT?

If the vehicle isn’t registered, CurbTXT will text you back immediately to let you know that your message was not received. Remember: CurbTXT users should indicate that their vehicle is registered by attaching the CurbTXT sticker near their rear plate.

If I CurbTXT a license plate, will the recipient see my phone number in the text message?

No. CurbTXT is completely anonymous. The text alert will contain only the contents of your message. However you may include your contact info in the message if you wish to get a direct reply. For example, if you hit a parked car and it’s registered with CurbTXT, you might want to send them a message with your contact info instead of leaving a note.

Can I text a reply to a CurbTXT I received?

A CurbTXT alert is anonymous AND a one-way communication channel. Only if the sender includes his or her contact information and/or name in the message will you be able to reach that person or know who sent it.

How many phone #’s can I link to my vehicle?

For now, only one phone number can be linked to a license plate #. In addition, only one license plate # can be linked to a cell phone. If you own many vehicles, and are curious about registering multiple vehicles to one number, please contact info@curbtxt.com with your inquiry.

How does CurbTXT protect against users sending me inappropriate CurbTXT messages?

If you believe you have received an inappropriate CurbTXT, simply text “#block” to block the user and flag the message. CurbTXT will investigate any users sending inappropriate messages and keep a record of it. As a community organization, CurbTXT will not tolerate abuse of the service, and we rely on users reporting abuse to keep the service functioning properly.

How do I stop receiving CurbTXT messages?

Text “#stop” to CurbTXT and you’ll no longer receive CurbTXTs. Make sure to remove the sticker from your vehicle.

Do I ever have to worry about my car again?

Not if you and your neighbors sign up for CurbTXT and we all look out for each other! Why call the city and tow a car if you can reach the driver? It’s easier than ever to be a good neighbor, so spread the word about CurbTXT. If we can work together and communicate in San Francisco, we can do it anywhere.


Shoot us an email at info@curbtxt.com.

Want to help CurbTXT grow in your neighborhood?

We'd like to hear from you. Email us at community@curbtxt.com and we'll be in touch.

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